Suzanne Francis

Year Of Call: 

Called in 2001 and served as clerk to Lord Justice Igor Judge before undertaking pupillage at 3 Temple Gardens.  An experienced practitioner in criminal law for both Prosecution and Defence having practised at the independent Bar and worked in-house.  Served in the British Army and experienced in Courts Martial.   

Notable cases include :

Offences against the person

  • R v CD 2013  CCC – junior in Murder case.  After a psychiatric assessment ruled Defendant was ‘fit to plead’ , appeared alone for sentence
  • R v AH 2013  Wood Green CC – acquittal in large scale conspiracy to commit cash in transit robberies, case involved complex cell site analysis
  • R v IS 2012 Reading Crown Court – junior Counsel defending in manslaughter and death by dangerous driving case, the first 'cash for crash’ scheme to cause death of driver
  • R v  DH 2011  Isleworth CC - instructed alone in attempted murder, successful application to dismiss
  • R v TK 2007 CCC - junior, attempted murder and murder of defendant’s ex-wife and her new partner.  Witnessed by defendant’s very young son.  All witnesses and defendant’s evidence given through interpreters.

Rape & serious sexual offences:

  • R v DP 2017  Birmingham CC – acquittal of defendant accused of a 3 year campaign of raping and abusing his girlfriend aged between 16 to 19 years old.
  • R v MP 2017 Birmingham CC  - successful application for a Mental Health Act disposal following guilty pleas to rape and sexual assault of step-sister ; the defendant was profoundly deaf and there were fitness to plead issues 
  • R v MT 2017 Wolverhampton CC – allegations by two complainants of historic serious sexual offences committed by family friend – initial acquittal on first complainant and full acquittal of all counts after re-trial
  • R v  TG 2016 Leicester CC – acquittal of defendant accused of years of rapes and sexual and physical assaults upon his wife
  • R v MK & Anor 2013  Croydon CC – acquittal of one of two men accused of raping and abducting a stranger from the street
  • R v NH 2013 Snaresbrook CC – acquittal of defendant with learning difficulties accused of sexual activity with his 4 year old neighbour whilst babysitting
  • R v WS & Anor 2013 St Albans CC – acquittal of defendant accused of gang rape of a waitress at a Christmas party
  • R v PP 2012 Woolwich CC – acquittal of defendant accused of sexual activity against his daughter aged 4-6 years old
  • R v LB 2011 Southend CC – acquittal after re-trial of 'stranger' rape
  • R v DD-C 2010 Basildon CC – acquittal of defendant accused of sexually assaulting disabled 12 year old girl 
  • R v CM 2010  Reading CC – acquittal of a defendant accused of raping a young girl with learning difficulties – intermediary for complainant
  • R v AF 2009 Reading CC – acquittal of rape where complainant claimed she was raped whilst highly intoxicated in a graveyard and incapable of giving consent  
  • R v TF 2009 Reading CC  - convicted of serious sexual offences against foster parents pet dog.  Secured a Community Order following psychiatric and psychological evidence
  • R v DP 2008  Isleworth CC – acquittal of youth with learning difficulties accused of rape of his neighbour.  Defendant gave evidence over video-link – first usage for a defendant in London.

Other cases involving violence, drugs, miscellaneous offences :

  • R v JS 2018 Worcester CC – acquittal of a mother accused of a campaign of child cruelty and assaults against her daughter and neglect of her 2 siblings.
  • R v DC 2018 Birmingham CC  - represented a father for plea and sentence, charged with cruelty to his 11 day old baby son
  • R v MJ & oths Worcester CC – representing a defendant for sentence in a large scale drugs conspiracy (cocaine)   
  • R v LP  2017 Birmingham CC  – represented a defendant for plea and sentence for an extremely serious assault on a cancer patient in remission        
  • R v IW 2017 Stafford CC  – acquittal of a serious allegation of grievous bodily harm by doorman on customer, despite evidence of 4 eye witnesses
  • R v LB 2012  Snaresbrook CC – acquittal in large scale conspiracy to cultivate cannabis – ten defendants
  • R v KS & oths 2011 Lewes CC – acquittal of defendant in a case involving kidnapping, false imprisonment and serious assault 
  • R v KK & oths 2009 Reading CC – successful submission of 'no case to answer' for an alleged get-away driver in a serious robbery and grievous bodily harm, all other defendants were convicted
  • R V SN  2008 Oxford CC– acquittal of a defendant with mental health issues who had stockpiled bomb-making equipment and literature
  • R v OK 2006 Isleworth CC– represented Britain’s most prolific bigamist for plea and sentence