Peter McCartney

Year Of Call: 

Career background

After 5 years as a commercial lawyer in London, has practised in criminal law since 1988.

Practice details

Instructed for both the defence and prosecution (Grade 4) in the most serious of criminal cases including homicide (as both a leader and a junior), serious offences of violence, rape and other serious sexual offences, large frauds and other offences of dishonesty, drugs supply conspiracies and large scale public disorder.

Particularly experienced in cases of historical sexual offences and in the cross-examination of very young witnesses in allegations of sexual offences.

Recent instructions for the defence have included :

  • murder of gay lover where the entire crown case rested on DNA evidence and the issue was whether victim had been assaulted elsewhere and returned home, or had been killed at home
  • attempted murder by 15 year old gang member in drugs dispute
  • English Defence League march ending in large scale public disorder in Birmingham
  • Port Vale  v  Barnsley violent disorder
  • rape of 10 year old girl (now 50) by teacher in the 1970's
  • sexual assaults of 8 year old boy by uncle (65 years old)
  • conspiracy to steal metals from the railways, and to launder money : seven separate thefts by gang including of live cable valued at £125,000 but also causing major disruption to the networks
  • Trading Standards prosecution of company for fraudulent and aggressive trading involving more than 300 complainants
  • theft from company of tens of thousands of pounds by Finance Director
  • 16 defendant conspiracy to supply Class A & B drugs, and money laundering of hundreds of thousands of pounds