Jabeen Akhtar

Year Of Call: 

Career background

Completed pupillage at Citadel and developed her practice as a junior tenant, then spent several years working as an in-house advocate with a busy firm of solicitors in Birmingham, and returned to Citadel in 2014.


Practice details


Specialist criminal advocate instructed by both the prosecution and defence in a wide variety of criminal matters.   Grade 3 prosecutor and a member of the approved panel of advocates who can deal with rape and other serious sexual offences.   Instructed to defend in cases involving homicide, violence, importation and supply of drugs, fraud and all forms of dishonesty.     

Regularly instructed to represent those charged with rape and other serious sexual offences against adults and children (historic and recent, familial and non familial).

Has extensive experience in cases involving young witnesses and defendants, or those vulnerable by reason of mental illness or learning disability.


Recent instructions have included :


  • junior counsel representing one of 9 defendants in a gang related murder, where the prosecution alleged a revenge attack. There were extensive legal arguments and the defendants were acquitted following an 8 week trial.


  • junior representing one of 7 defendants in a murder trial where a mobile 'phone delivery driver was struck in the head with a metal bar during a robbery.


  • represented a young man charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent (S.18), where the victim had suffered catastrophic head injuries.  The defendant had already pleaded guilty when represented by previous counsel.  Following a successful application to vacate his guilty plea, at trial careful cross-examination of various prosecution witnesses laid the foundation for a submission of 'no case to answer' at the end of the Crown's case.   The application succeeded and the Jury were directed to return a verdict of not guilty.


  • represented a young teacher who was charged with deliberately assisting in serious crime including armed robbery.  The trial lasted nine weeks.  There was a large body of telephone evidence which required meticulous scrutiny.


  • represented the principal defendant in a very substantial drugs conspiracy : it was alleged that the defendant's  father was the head of the organised crime group.  The trial involved telephone evidence including cell-site analysis, and expert evidence of various kinds.


  • represented a defendant charged with possession of firearm with intent to endanger life.  It was alleged he shot at the window of the victim's house following an argument warning him to keep off his drugs patch.  The defendant was acquitted of the more serious charge.


  • represented a young man who had joined the army and had a successful career, charged with rape of his neighbour when she was a young girl.   Defendant unanimously acquitted after 20 minutes of jury deliberation.


  • represented one of a number of defendants charged with robbery, in a five week trial.   At the close of the prosecution case he was acquitted of the most serious charge of knife point robbery.


  • represented a 60 year old man charged with rape and other serious sexual offences against an eight year old girl, thus careful cross-examination of young witnesses was required.   The Jury could not agree at the conclusion of the first trial : the defendant was acquitted at the re-trial.  


  • successfully represented a defendant charged with police corruption in a month long trial :  it was alleged he was involved in obtaining confidential information from a corrupt police officer.


  • represented a defendant involved in a large scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, nationally.


  • successfully represented one of 6 defendants in a large scale conspiracy to import Class A drugs.


  • has successfully represented defendants in a number of separate cases involving allegations of rape and other serious sexual offences against adults and children.


  • represented one of 5 defendants charged with people trafficking offences, women were brought over from Europe for the purposes of prostitution.


  • represented a defendant charged with consipiracy to commit offences of burglary, where high value cars were targetted and stolen with keys taken during house burglaries.



Immigration and asylum

Has appeared at Immigration Tribunals and dealt with a variety of matters, for example :

  • advice on completion of student visa applications, preparation of documents for submission on student visa appeals, and throughout the whole appeal process
  • settlement and spouse appeals
  • family visitor appeals

Fluent in Urdu, Mirpuri and Punjabi.